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Mar 12

Sunny cooked up Vegetarian ‘Southern-Style’ Collard Greens on The Rachael Ray Show!

9085CollardGreens800-1Sunny stopped by Rachael Ray’s Throwback Thursday spectacular to share a recipe from the first episode of Cooking For Real, Vegetarian ‘Southern-Style’ Collared Greens!  Get the recipe on the Rachael Ray Show site and watch the clip below!

Mar 10

Sunny Cooked Up 3 Easy Recipes on The Talk!

Sunny was a guest on “The Talk” today and cooked up three simple dishes that will be sure to please your dinner guests: Chicken Breast with Plum Chimichurri, Instant Rice & Pesto and Lemon Roasted Baby Zucchini.  Get the recipes here and watch the clip below!

Feb 23

Sunny Reunited With Emeril Lagasse on The Rachael Ray Show!


The Rachael Ray Show reunited Sunny with her idol, Emeril Lagasse, in a television moment that will bring a tear to your eye! Ten years ago, Sunny was a guest on Emeril Lives which lead, after months of hard work, to her shows Gotta Get It and Cooking For Real in 2008.  If you can believe it, this is the most time Emeril and Sunny have spent together since that taping in 2005?  Learn more on the Rachael Ray Show site and check out the clip below.

Feb 9

Slow Cook Yourself Skinny? Sunny Shared a Slow Cooker Recipe on the Rachael Ray Show!


Sunny stopped by The Rachael Ray Show to help kick off our week-long slow cooker event with her delicious Slimming Slow Cooker Chicken Chili!  Grab the recipe here and watch the clip below.

Skinny Slow-Cooker Chicken Chili

Jan 21

Rachael Ray, Sunny and Extended Stay America Hotels Team Up To Fight Hunger

Extended Stay America Feed The Hungry

Extended Stay America hotels – the largest owner operated hotel chain in the U.S. – donated 100,000 meals to support Rachael Ray’s “9 Million Meals” campaign, benefitting Feeding America and No Kid Hungry. Sunny announced the donation on The Rachael Ray Show today.

“I’m so proud of what my friends at Extended Stay America hotels and my girl Rachael Ray are doing to help end hunger in this country,” said Sunny. “As a cook and Food Bank of New York City board member, fighting hunger is a cause close to my heart and I know first hand what a difference 100,000 meals makes.”

Extended Stay America hotels’ $10,000 donation to “9 Million Meals” will be divided equally between Feeding America and No Kid Hungry, with every dollar donated helping to provide 10 meals to people struggling with hunger across the country. “One of Extended Stay America hotel’s core values is caring for the communities in which we live and serve. Even a basic necessity like food is something so many of us take for granted; it’s important to remember those in need and do everything we can to help,” said Terry Atkins, senior director of marketing communications for Extended Stay America.

To join Extended Stay America in supporting Rachael Ray’s “9 Million Meals” initiative, visit: and share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using #cookwithESA and #9MillionMeals.

Watch the clip below:

Jan 5

Sunny Shared a Delicious Casserole and Desserts with Hidden “Sweet-crets” on The Talk!


Sunny stopped by The Talk on CBS this afternoon to help the hosts celebrate their first show of 2015.  She shared 4 delicious recipes.  First, she prepped her “Nunya Business” Ravioli Lasagna that is as tasty as it is simple to make.  Then, she showed off three desserts, each with a healthy hidden twist.  Would you believe the Bundt cake pictured above features beets?!  Get the recipes here and watch the clip below!

Dec 20

Get the Holiday Recipes Sunny Shared on Friday Night Live!

Sunny stopped by FOX 5 New York’s Friday Night Live and got festive with hosts Dari Alexander and Christina Park!  She shared four holiday recipes to spruce up your celebratonsButterflied Chicken with Turkey Gravy, Simple Stuffing, Nunya Business Egg Nog, and Chocolate Chip Candy Cane Cookies.  Get the recipes on the Fox 5 site and watch the segment below.

Dec 17

Sunny Shared Kitchen Gadget Gift Ideas on Today’s Rachael Ray Show!


Are you tired of using the same ol’ kitchen gadgets? You’re in luck, because today on The Rachael Ray Show, Sunny showed off four new products that can help take the stress and worry out of your cooking. Best of all: They’re each being offered at an incredible discounted rate especially for our viewers! – See more here.

Dec 16

Sunny Shared Pesto Chicken Wings and Talked About Ulcerative Colitis on The Rachael Ray Show!

9072integrate2_800Sunny stopped by The Rachael Ray Show today to share a healthy take on chicken wings, featuring a yummy pesto that’s easy to make at home.

Typically, when Sunny visits The Rachael Ray Show, her segments are filled with fun, laughter and light-hearted goodness that have made her such a popular guest with our audience. But today, she talked about something very serious: her 20-year battle with ulcerative colitis. Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that primarily affects the digestive track. During a flare-up, the large intestine (colon) and rectum become inflamed and tiny ulcers and small abscesses form. “The main issue with my disease is malabsorption of nutrients,” Sunny told Rachael. “So, [when I think I’m feeding myself] healthy food, my body doesn’t care. It treats the food like an enemy and pushes it right out.” Naturally, the disease has greatly shaped Sunny’s outlook on life. “People ask me why I’m so happy,” Sunny says. “Part of the reason that I’m happy is, I have a disease that I know for sure people die from. I know for sure people lose body parts from [it]. I know for sure people [with ulcerative colitis] go through really difficult days. Some people actually live in the hospital with it.” “To think that I could walk around, still chase my dreams, still eat the way I want to eat … I feel really lucky.” To help educate, inspire and inform others living with IBD, including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, Sunny has teamed up with Janssen Biotech, Inc. and the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America to launch The site offers all the diet, nutrition and treatment information you need to live well with IBD. To learn more about Get Your Full Course, click here.

Watch video of the Pesto Chicken Wings recipe and then Sunny’s announcement below:

Get the Pesto Chicken Wings recipes and learn more on the Rachael Ray Show site.

Dec 4

Tailgaters: Sunny Shared Four Recipes From Her Game Day Menu on The Today Show!

One of the perks of football season is having a good old fashioned tailgate to cheer on your favorite team. Sunny has the perfect menu that will be touchdown for everyone. Here, she’s sharing her recipes for nacho dogs, root beer chicken, Bloody Mary cocktails and more. Check out the video below and grab the recipes here.