Jan 24

Sunny uses Dr. Ian Smith’s “Shred” Diet on The Rachael Ray Show!

In case you missed it, below are the three segments from today’s Rachael Ray Show with Dr. Ian Smith! Sunny Anderson started the new year by heading to the gym and changing her approach to meals by following Dr. Ian’s Shred Revolutionary Diet. She’s gone from a size 16 to a 14 in the past few weeks, and the positive changes have helped her realize it’s time to focus on her health instead of her career. “I worked really hard on a specific dream in my life and with that dream came some weight gain. A lot of people make jokes about the ‘Food Network 10’ and I always say I’m an overachiever because I did it twice!” the TV host says. “With ‘shred’ I realized I can have my dream and still take care of me.” And, she’s written a recipe to go with the meal plan: Shredded Chicken Goulash!

Sunny Anderson Tries Dr. Ian’s “Shred” Diet

Sunny’s “Shred” Diet Success

Shredded Chicken Goulash